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Ultrasound diagnosis in the hospital clinical departments and grassroots and other medical instituti

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Large hospital clinical departments of ultrasound diagnostic applications:

Anesthesia: jugular vein, subclavian vein and other deep vein puncture, cervical nerve plexus, carpal plexus and other nerve block, lumbar puncture, ventral catheter insertion and other visual guidance, airway and heart monitoring

Pain department:

Venous puncture, peripheral nerve block and radiofrequency ablation, intervertebral disc radiofrequency ablation, intraarticular drug and ozone injection, peripheral soft tissue release therapy, carpal tunnel syndrome

ICU Severe Room:

Internal bleeding, chest and stomach water, pneumothorax, acute abdomen examination and judgment, pericardial effusion examination and extraction visual guidance


Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, renal biopsy, catheterization, etc. visual guidance, urinary residual, prostate examination

Department of Nephrology

Vascular pathways, thrombus stenosis and calcification, visualization of subclavian vein catheterization, dialysis catheter placement, intraocular fistula, artificial vascular placement, fistula dilatation, and pseudoaneurysm resection


Heart function assessment, blood volume assessment, cardiac arrest, pulmonary artery thrombosis, aortic dissection, myocardial infarction, SBE examination, pericardial effusion (blood) puncture, etc. visual guidance

Recovery unit

Musculoskeletal trauma, inflammation, lesion examination, joint effusion extraction, interventional therapy, botulinum toxin injection, etc.

Orthopedic trauma:

fracture diagnosis, joint injury and lesions


breast, uterus and accessories, check ring check pregnancy inspection, abortion curettage of the visualization of the guide


ovarian follicle monitoring, endometrial thickness measurement, ovarian visualization guidance and so on


fetal development and fetal heart rate, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid and other daily inspection, postpartum pelvic pelvic, urinary obstruction and other urinary residual examination, abortion curettage, biopsy, catheterization and other visual guidance


pediatric hip screening, transcranial craniocerebral disease examination, pulmonary disease examination, abdominal examination, etc.

Respiratory section:

pleural effusion assessment and puncture guidance, alveolar stromal syndrome, pulmonary consolidation / atelectasis

Digestive department:

esophageal foreign body and disease check, gastrointestinal examination (need to be oral coupling agent)

Hepatobiliary surgery / general surgery:

liver renal hemangioma sclerosis, cyst abscess pelvic fluid drainage and other interventional treatment of visual guidance, bile duct puncture, organ biopsy visual guidance

Vascular surgery:

central venous assessment and puncture, peripheral vein assessment and puncture, arterial assessment, peripheral arterial puncture, varicose veins treatment, artificial vascular placement, stroke screening (vascular ultrasound), carotid atherosclerosis and other tests etc.

A milk surgery:

thyroid and mammary gland examination and interventional therapy, microwave ablation, biopsy, surgical localization and visualization


screening for stroke (vascular ultrasonography), carotid atherosclerosis

Head surgery:

head TCD blood vessel assessment, superficial temporal artery and posterior aneurysm arteriovenous fistula, airway assessment (according to tracheal compression, assessment of difficult airway, monitoring of intubation)


postoperative assessment and monitoring of liver and kidney transplantation


vitreous foreign body examination, eye retinal and arterial examination


skin and subcutaneous tissue

Emergency department:

acute abdomen, pulmonary contusion, organ damage to the solid, fracture diagnosis, internal bleeding, chest and stomach water, pneumothorax, pericardial effusion examination / pumping, heart cardiovascular

Nursing Department:

PICC / CVC and other intravenous catheter, indwelling needle and other acupuncture injection and local administration of visual guidance

Inpatient Department:

condition, postoperative recovery, indwelling needle retention tube normal check

Physical examination center:

thyroid, breast, uterine attachment, prostate examination, stroke screening, fatty liver, cirrhosis, kidney stones, gallstones and other investigation


Grass-roots and other non-large hospital medical institutions ultrasound diagnostic applications:

Emergency center / ambulance:

organ damage, internal bleeding, pneumothorax, peritoneal effusion, cardiovascular cardiovascular abnormalities, thrombosis, fracture and other inspection to determine

Basic medical institutions:

abdominal organs to check fatty liver, cirrhosis, kidney stones, gallstones and other investigation, carotid artery, thyroid, breast, uterine attachment, prostate, body mass examination

Family planning station:

Put on contraceptive device to check, breast, uterus and accessories, fetal examination

Family doctor:

routine physical examination of the ultrasound, home inspection, home diagnosis, chronic disease home patient management

Home care:

voiding urinary residual examination and catheterization visual guidance, hemophilia in patients with joint bleeding effusion examination

Nursing homes:

routine physical examination of ultrasound, urinary incontinence urinary residual examination and catheterization visual guidance

Month child center:

postpartum pelvic pelvic examination, voiding urinary residual examination, breast examination

Plastic surgery:

high-intensity ultrasound anti-wrinkle treatment visual guide to avoid bone blood vessels eye, injection of hyaluronic acid visual guidance to achieve accurate injection to avoid the vascular nerve, chest surgery visual guidance

Small needle knife / acupuncture treatment:

measuring muscle thickness to grasp the depth of insertion to prevent injury to the internal organs, bone, detection of treatment needle position alignment also avoid nerve, blood vessels, etc., to assess the therapeutic effect

Sports team medical group:

soft tissue injury (muscle damage and hematoma, tendon ligament injury, myositis, mynia, myositis, tendon disease), joint injury (joint effusion, suppurative arthritis, joint dislocation, Inflammation, bursa tear, rotator cuff tear, knee meniscus injury, knee meniscus cyst, knee ankle ligament injury), soft tissue tumors and bone tumors, peripheral nerve compression syndrome, fractures, osteofascial compartment syndrome

Army Battlefield Ambulance Medical Team:

Discover and evaluate organ damage, internal bleeding and other injuries, thrombosis, fractures and other tests to determine the injection of acupuncture and surgical visual guidance

Disaster Relief Medical Group:

Discovery and assessment of organ damage, internal bleeding and other injuries, thrombosis, fractures and other checks to determine

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