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Comparison of Bladder scanner and B scanner's Diagnosis Effect

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Comparison of Bladder scanner and B scanner's Diagnosis Effect

Bladder scanner is new technology product that developed based on the  ultrasound diagnosis technology, with image scanning techniques and functions as common B scanner, meanwhile has techniques and functions that common B scanner can not achieve.
1. Bladder scanner can completely replace percussion to measure and calculate the bladder capacity and residual urine;
2. Bladder scanner can automatically judge the different visceral organs bladder, B scanner cannot;
3. Bladder scanner can automatically draw organization boundary of bladder viscera, B scanner cannot;
4. Bladder scanner can automatically calculate urine volume, B scanner need calculate by manual operation;
5. Bladder scanner can record, store and print measurement results of urine, B scanner cannot(need software support);
6. Nurses, patients all could operate bladder scanners, the measuring operation is simple, without professional technical requirement, B scanner need ultrasonic doctor to operate and measurement, if isn't professionals  can not operate B scanner to measurement volume of bladder urine;
7. Measure and calculate method of bladder scanner is different to B scanner and is more accuracy (measurement accuracy of  B scanner is poor, data error normal is ±30%);
8. Research direction of B scanner is images definition of human body(such as: digital technology, three-dimensional, four-dimensional image faction), research direction of bladder scanner is accuracy of the measurement for bladder capacity;
Bladder scanner can quickly and accurate measure bladder capacity, and easy to operation, so had become the major clinical diagnosis way of measure bladder in Europe and America.

Measure MethodAccuracySafetyConsistency on different patientsQuicklyCostSatisfaction of patientSatisfaction of medical workersRisk of medical disputes
Bladder scannerOOOOOOOO


Measurement principle of B scanner:
-Traditional manual scan
-Two steps, two surfaces
-Calculation principle: fitting ball method or ellipsoid method(but different bladder different form, so by this way is not accurate).

Measurement principle of bladder scanner:
-PBS scanning and volume measurement
-3D(three-dimensional), many section automatic scanning
-Special measurement method

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