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T3 Trolley/Portable/Handheld 3 in 1 Color Doppler Ultrasound
T3 Trolley/Portable/Handheld 3 in 1 Color Doppler Ultrasound

T3 Trolley/Portable/Handheld 3 in 1 Color Doppler Ultrasound

Product Features:·Touchscreen 14”large screen·Clear and delicate images·Powerful, built-in report wo
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Product Features
·Touchscreen 14”large screen
·Clear and delicate images
·Powerful, built-in report workstation
·Probe wireless connection, more convenient operation
·Seamless waterproof silicone ultrasonic keyboard
·Low price and high cost performance
·Color Doppler Ultrasound can be flexibly switched to trolley type, portable type and handheld type as required, and can also be used as a laptop computer
Technical Specification
·Display Mode:B、B/M、Color、PW、PDI,some probes have 2B mode
·Image Adjustment:Scan and display depth, total gain, segment gain TGC, dynamic range, focus, harmonics, noise reduction, color Doppler WF, color Doppler PRF, PW baseline, PW sampling volume, PW sampling Angle, image up and down and left and right flip
·Biopsy function:In Plane puncture guide line function, Out-Plane puncture guide and vascular positioning function
·Battery Duration Time:1~3 hours, and can be wireless charging at any time to extend the working time indefinitely (part of the probe can also work while wired charging)
·Measurement:Distance, area, circumference, heart rate, obstetrics, etc.
·Cineloop:manual and automatic Cineloop, the Cineloop frame can be set to 100/200/500/1000
·Image saving:JPG, avi, DICOM, etc
·Connection mode between probe and display:built-in wifi wireless connection
·Wifi type of wireless connection:802.11n/2.4G/5G Dual-band 450Mbps
·Image frame rate:18f/s
·Operation system:Windows
·Patient data saved and management:patient information can be saved, image sheets and videos can be saved, and diagnostic reports can be saved
·DICOM:DICOM and WorkList docking and transmission functions
·Optional Probes:3.5/5.0MHz Convex,7.5/10MHz Linear, 10/14MHz Linear, ultra-wide Linear, Micro-Convex, Phased Array, Transvaginal, Rectal Dual-plane, Convex + Linear Dual-head, Convex + Transvaginal Dual-head, Convex/Linear/Phase Array 3 in 1
·Tablet/laptop main unit screen size:14 inches
·Trolley size:adjustable height 770~1070mm, keyboard table 440*265mm, printer table 480*480mm
·Package size:Excluding the trolley, the net weight is 2KG and the gross weight is 3Kg. With the trolley, the net weight is 17kg and the gross weight is 18kg

Standard Configuration
·Tablet/laptop computer 2 in 1  1pc
·Seamless waterproof silicone Ultrasound keyboard

Optional Accessories
Trolley, various types of probe, probe backpack or aluminum case, probe wireless charging pad or charge bank, probe puncture guide, remote diagnostic software


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