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C5Pre Laptop Color Doppler

C5Pre Laptop Color Doppler

Equipment InstructionsFor examinations of abdomen, heart, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, small org
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Equipment Instructions
For examinations of abdomen, heart, gynecology, obstetrics, urology, small organs, pediatrics, blood vessels, etc.
Main technical parameters and functions
-Technology platform: WINDOWS platform
-Physical channels ≥ 32, Probe array elements ≥ 80
-Device Dimension : L362×W340×H50mm
-Weight: Net Weight≤7.5kg (with one probe≤8.2kg, with two probes≤8.9kg)
-Packing size: 500mm(L) x 500mm(W) x 430mm(H)
-Display: 15 inch LCD high resolution
-Fully digital imaging technology: multi-beam synthesis, real-time point-by-point dynamic focus imaging, pulse inverse harmonic composite imaging, spatial composite, image enhancement and noise reduction
-Imaging modes: B mode, M mode, Color (color Doppler) mode, PW (pulse Doppler) mode
-Image display mode: B, double frame, 4 frame, B+M, M, B+Color, B+PW, PW, B+Color+PW, B/BC dual real-time-Supported probes: 3C6C convex array probe, L4C/8L4C/10L25C linear array probe, 6E1C transvaginal probe, 6C15C/3C20C micro-convex probe, 6I7C rectal probe;
-Probe frequency: 4.3-12.0MHz
-Movie playback: 500-1500 frames;
-Image magnification: real-time scanning (B, B+C, 2B, 4B), status: 10 times
-Image storage: support JPG image format and AVI movie format,
-Support local storage;
-Support DICOM, comply with DICOM3.0 standard
-Built-in workstation: support large-capacity hard disk (★≥128GB), support patient data retrieval and browsing
-Volume calculation software package: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, small organs, heart, blood vessels, etc.
-Battery: Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, continuous working time ≥ 1.5 hours
-Image parameters

B mode

1.Grayscale mapping: ≥15 files   

2. Frame related: ≥8 files                 

3. Edge enhancement: ≥15 files

4. Image enhancement: ≥5 files                 

5. Space composite: switch adjustable

6. Image flip: up and down, left and right                

7. Maximum scanning depth: ≥250mm

M mode

1.Sweep Sleep: ≥4 levels adjustable             

2. Line Average: ≥5 files

PW mod

1.SV size/position: SV size 1.0–8.0mm adjustable             

2. PRF: ≥5 files               

3. Sweep Sleep: ≥8 levels adjustable 

4. Correction angle: 360 degrees               

5. Spectrogram flip: switch adjustable                

6. Doppler sound: ≥20 files

Color/PDI mode

1.Wall filter ≥ 6 gears adjustable             

2. Color afterglow: 2DB---80DB

3. Color priority: 1-255                

4. Pulse frequency: ≥ 8 gears adjustable

-Measurement and calculation
1. B/C mode routine measurement: distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, area ratio, distance ratio
2. Routine measurement in M mode: time, slope, heart rate, distance 
3. Routine measurement in Doppler mode: heart rate, resistance index, pulsatility index, time, blood flow, peak blood flow 
4. Obstetrics application measurement: double parietal diameter, femur length, head circumference, abdominal circumference,  head arm diameter, gestational sac length, first stage, second stage, general obstetrics, amniotic fluid index, routine

5. Gynecological B-mode application measurement                              

6. Heart B, M mode application measurement

7. Vascular PW mode application measurement                                    

8. Small organ B mode application measurement

9. Urinary B-mode application measurement                                         

10. Pediatric B mode application measurement

11. Abdominal B mode application measurement
Standard configuration and optional accessories
Standard Configuration: 
1 x full digital host (128G hard disk built in the host); 1 x 3C6C convex array probe; 1 x 7L4C linear array probe; 
1 x user manual;1 x power cable;
Optional accessories: 
6E1C transvaginal probe; 6C15C micro-convex probe; 6I7C rectal probe; USB report printer; black and white video printer; 
color video printer; puncture frame; trolley;



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