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U1 Handheld Ultrasound Therapeutic Apparatus

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Product advantage >>>>>>
-High peak pulse energy output, super penetrating power to ensure deep curative effect
-All-digital intelligent dynamic matching to ensure stable ultrasonic energy output
-Excellent electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, high ultrasonic output energy and low temperature rise
-No-load protection, the treatment head will automatically stop output when separated from the body
-Built-in rechargeable lithium Ion battery, more flexible to use

Technical specifications >>>>>>
-Rated sound output power (W): 15.0 (10 levels adjustable, error ±20%)
-Effective radiation area of the treatment head (CM2): 10.0 (error ±20%)
-Ultrasound effective sound intensity (W/cm2): ≤2.5
-Treatment time (Minute): 0~30 adjustable (error ±1min)
-Acoustic operating frequency (MHz): 1.0 (error ±10%)
-Beam type: collimated type
-Modulation waveform: pulse
-Battery capacity: 3000mAH/7.4V
-Appearance size: 155mm(L) × 205mm(W) × 50mm(H)

Advantages of ultrasound therapy compared with other treatment >>>>>>

Treatment principle >>>>>>
1. Mechanical effect, loosen myofascial tissue, quickly relieve spasm, and ablate soft tissue nodules
2. Thermal effect, heat generation in deep tissues, improving microcirculation
3. The cavitation effect accelerates the diffusion of body fluids

Scope of application >>>>>>
Suitable for soft tissue injury treatment. Such as the treatment of sports injuries, chronic injuries including old soft tissue injuries, frozen shoulder, shoulder and neck strain, tennis elbow carpal tunnel syndrome
Symptoms such as syndrome, back pain, arthritis, and occupational soft tissue injury.
Indications >>>>>>
1. Temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome:
Ultrasound can make tissues congested, strengthen blood circulation, or reduce inflammation, and can relax contracted muscles and relieve spasm, so as to relieve pain.
2. Relieve nerve pain, increase nerve pain threshold and temporarily relieve pain.
3. Acute sports injury, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling, prevent vascular embolism, relax contracted muscles and relieve spasm.
4. Chronic soft tissue injury, aseptic inflammation:
Such as neck and shoulder syndrome, headache, migraine, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, false heartache, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica;
Pain caused by leg arthritis, calcaneal spurs and other sports system injuries.
5. Gynecological diseases: gynecological postpartum abdominal and pelvic floor muscle relaxation, enuresis and other chronic soft tissue damage symptoms.

Application scenarios >>>>>>
1. Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Center
2. Community hospitals, community social health centers
3. Chinese Medicine Museum
4. Hospital Rehabilitation Department
5. Household use


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