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Probe Type CW Doppler

Product Origin: [广州]

Appearance: 10CM X 3CM X 3CM.
Output: Spectrum + forward and reverse channel sound
Clinical application:
Low frequency probe (3M): obstetrics and cardiology, maternal, middle-aged
High frequency probe (8M) superficial blood flow detection, urology, male subjects, microsurgery, hand surgery, orthopedics, traumatic surgery, Vascular surgery, burns, orthopedics, functional subjects, cardiothoracic surgery
Easy to save results: personal collection, print,
Personal medical data management, access,
Remote network consultation
One key optimization: reduce the difficulty of new operators to start,
Reduce the skilled operation time,
Comparison of heart before and after optimization
Analysis of the results of the alarm: the key indicators of automatic settlement results
Analysis, if any exception is given an alarm,
Reduce the time of the doctor's diagnosis

Low Frequency Probe Clinical application :
High Frequency Probe Clinical application :
·Urology, male department ---- measurement of penile artery blood flow velocity, PBI, PFI index, diagnosis of male reproductive system Diseases such as impotence, varicocele.
·Microsurgery, hand surgery ---- determine the finger, toe before and after the operation of blood flow, vascular anastomosis.
·Orthopedics, traumatic surgery ---- check the limb blood vessels before and after surgery anastomosis and limb blood flow.
·Vascular surgery ---- diagnosis of various peripheral vascular disease, detection of limb stenosis, occlusion. Understand blocking Vascular collateral circulation ·status; phlebitis and process detection.
·Burns and Orthopedics - Determine the position and recanalization of blood vessels before and after surgery in patients with burned plastic flap.
·Functional department ---- lower extremity blood pressure measurement; diabetic foot test, rate trend analysis, drug treatment to determine the effect.
·Cardiothoracic Surgery - Peripheral Vascular Location 

Menu of software:
Speed ​​range: blood flow speed range adjustable, and the best match with the doctor.
Gain: Spectral brightness and volume adjustable.
Filtering Stalls: Suppress clutter near the baseline.
Sweep speed: the user is adjustable according to hobby.
Baseline: different stalls adjustable, optimized display.
Spectrum Flip: Optimize display.
Pseudo-color: choose different pseudo-color by doctor's hobby.
Volume: Adjusts the volume level independently.
Envelope: Supports automatic calculation.
Freeze: to facilitate the doctor to stop and look carefully.
Save: save the spectrum, sound.
Check the model: optimize the different parts of the human body.
One key optimization: icing on the cake, to speed up the inspection efficiency.
Language: support in Chinese and English.



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