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Three Channel EKG with Color Screen (HB1003F)

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1. 5.6” TFT color display screen. Touch screen also can be equipped.
2. 12 lead ECG synchronous sampling system.
3. Thermal printer with 80mm print paper. 
4. Six ECG display modes (3 channel, 3 channel + rhythm lead, 3 channel + Ⅱ channel + V5 channel, 6 channel of single row, 6 channel of two rows, 12 channel). 
5. Five ECG record modes (1channel, 1 channel + rhythm lead, 1 channel + Ⅱ channel + V5 channel, 3 channel, 3 channel + rhythm lead). 
6. Automatic diagnosis function. ECG waveform can be measured and analyzed automatically. 
7. Patient’s information (ID number, Name, Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Blood pressure, etc.) can be input.
8. Built-in SD memory card. Over 2000 patient’s information can be stored.
9. Historical data can be reviewed and printed. 
10.Calculate the heart rate automatically.
11. Chinese or English can be chosen.
12. With RS232/USB communication interface.
13. Can upload real-time ECG data and history ECG data by connecting with ECG workstation. 12 lead synchronous printing can be realized.
14. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery 11.1V (3800mAh) with automatic protection function. ECG machine can work continuously for 10 hours and print over 1000 reports.
15. With screen saver function when no work for a long time.
16. 7 level printing thick can be chosen.
17. Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz AC power supply.


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