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SE-3C Digital Three Channel Color Touch Screen ECG Machine(electrocardiograph)

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- ECG-1203C is designed with a high-resolution thermal printer featuring 8dot/mm vertical resolution and 40dot/mm horizontal resolution(at 25mm/s) speed and filter as well as related marks.
-Simultaneously 12 lead signal acquisitions.
-Digital filter to prevent baseline drift and automatic positioning of the baseline provide accurate ECG trace.
-Able to detect and alarm on electrode disconnection.
-LED indicator and LCD display show operation status of the unit.
-Isolated input circuit guarantees safety standard in compliance to Class I type CF.
AC/Rechargeable battery supports continuous operation when AC power supply is not available. 
-For the battery operation, ECG-1203C is equipped with a battery charger and a system for battery capacity management and protection.
-Compact size.


  Lead:   Standard or Cabrera 12 leads,
  Simultaneously 12 leads acquisition
  Sampling Rate:   1000samples/second /channel
  Frequency Response:   0.05~150Hz(-3.0dB - +0.4dB)under 10Hz
  Time Constant:   ≥3.2s
  CMRR:   >100dB with filter, >89dB without filter
  Input Circuit Current:   ≤ 0.1mA
  Noise Level:   ≤15μVp-p
  Polarization Voltage:   ±500mV
  Minimum Detection Signal:      20mV
  Calibration Voltage:   1mV ± 2%
  Filter:   AC filter: 50Hz/60Hz, -20dB
  EMG filter:25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/75Hz/100Hz, -3.0dB   
  Drift filter: 0.5Hz, -3.0dB
  Sensitivity:   1.25, 2.5, 5, 10, 20,40mm/mV± 2%
  Paper Speed:   5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25, 50mm/s ± 3%
  Recording Mode:   Thermal paper printing
  Printing Resolution:     ≥8 dot/mm(Vertical) 
  ≥40 dot/mm(Horizontal, 25mm/s)
  ≥20 dot/mm(Horizontal, 50mm/s)
  Paper Size:   80mm´15M, thermal roll paper
  Dimension:   285mm×200mm×50mm
  Weight:   1.6Kg

Product Configuration 
Item         Quantity                    Description
  1                  1                           3 channels electrocardiograph(ECG)  
  2                  1                           Patient cable
  3            4pcs/set                     Limb electrode
  4            6pcs/set                     Chest Suction Electrode
  5                  1                           Grounding Cable
  6                  1                           Power Cord (applicable to country of sale)
  7                  1                           Operator’s Manual
  8                  1                           Thermal recording paper
  9                  1                           Qualified Certificate
 10                 1                           Warranty
 11                 2                           Fuses:T1A, 250 volts, slow-blow, IEC (5 x20 mm)



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