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SE-6B Digital Three Channel Color Touch Screen ECG Machine(electrocardiograph)

Product Origin: [Guangzhou, China]
Applications: Hospital,Clinic,Veterinary

Main Features:
1. 480*800 7inch touch-screen display
2. Six channel ECG machine with interpretation 
3. 12-lead ECG simultaneous acquisition 
4. Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia Analysis Modes 
5. 6-channel recording with a rhythm lead 
6. Digital filters eliminate EMG, AC, Baseline Drift interference 
7. Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery, 3 hours continuous working 
8. Adapt 110-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply 
9. 250 patients save/replay 
10. Built in USB/RS232 interface
Lead 12 leads, Standard or Cabrera, 12 leads simultaneously acquisition
Input circuit Floating
LCD display 480*800 touchscreen display ECG waveform, operation conditions, Time, Heart-rate
Safety IEC class I, type CF
Sampling rate 1000 samples/Sec/Channel
A/D converter 12 bits
Recording Mode automatic, manual, Long Term(60Sec)
Filter AC(50Hz or 60Hz, -20dB)
EMG (25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/75Hz/100Hz,-3dB)
Drift (0.5Hz,-3dB)
CMRR > 80dB and 100dB(AC filter in use)
Input circuit current <0.1uA
Input Impedance > 50Mohms
Time constant > 3.2S
Frequency Response 0.05--150Hz,-3dB
Noise Level <15µV
Sensitivity 1.25; 2.5; 5; 10;20; 40mm/mV±3%
Calibration Voltage 1mV±3%
Patient Current Leakage <10uA
Protection Protect from defibrillation and pace-making
Recording mode Thermal printer; 8dot/mm(Vertical), 40 dot/mm (Horizontal, at 25mm/s)
Print Speed 5; 6.25; 10; 12.5; 25' 50mm/s±2%
Paper size roll type or Z-folded
Patient Cable standard 10 leads
Power requirements AV220V/50Hz
Built-in battery Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, 11.1V
Fuse Specification 2φ5x20mm
Dimension: 285mm×200mm×50mm
Weight: 2.5Kg


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