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C500 Color Doppler System

Product Origin: [Guangzhou China]
Applications: HospitalClinicVeterinary

-  Top configuration, advanced imaging technology, extremely clear and delicate image
-  Complete imaging, display modes and functions including anatomical M imaging, wide-field imaging, 
     elastography, etc.
-  Support phased array, 4D and other probes 
-  Rich and powerful measurement function
-  High cost performance


-Imaging technology:
Pulsed Inverted Harmonic Imaging, Filtering Harmonic Imaging, Harmonic Fusion Imaging, Multi-Beam Combining, Spatial Composition, Adaptive Blur Suppression, 14-bit A / D Converting to 60M / s Sampling Rate, point by point dynamic focus and dynamic aperture technology, synthetic aperture technology
-Imaging modes:
B, M,  Color Doppler, Power Doppler imaging (PDI), Pulse Wave (PW), Anatomy M-mode imaging, Blood flow motion mode imaging (MC) , Wide-field imaging, elastography, strain rate imaging, Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI), Directional Power Doppler imaging (DPDI), parallelogram imaging, trapezoidal imaging, B / C / D real-time triplex imaging, real-time four-dimensional imaging (4D) (optional), Continuous Wave Doppler imaging (CW) (optional)
-Imaging display modes:B, 2B, 4B, B + M, BCM, B + Color, B + PDI, B + DPDI, B + PW, B + Color + PW, B + PDI + PW, B + DPDI + PW, B + C / PDI / DPDI dual real-time, B / SRI dual real-time, B + AMM, B + E, CW, 4D
-Transducers:Convex probe, Linear probe, Intracavitary probe, Micro-convex probe, Cardiac probe, 4D Abdominal probe, 4D Intracavitary probe
-Transducer frequency and  frequency conversion: 2.0-12.0MHz, B / M mode 5 files fundamental frequency + 2 files harmonic frequency, Color mode 3 files, PW mode 2files
-Transducer connector: 4
-Cine Loop:
B mode ≥ 1000 frames, Color and PDI mode ≥ 500 frames, time line mode (M, PW) ≥ 200s
-Image magnification: Real-time Scan (B, B + C, 2B, 4B) Status or Level 5 magnification in  Freeze status.
-Image Storage: JPG, BMP and AVI, local storage, DICOM, conform DICOM3.0 standards
-Built-in workstation: support for large-capacity hard disk (≥ 500GB), support for patient data retrieval and browsing
-Multilanguage support: Chinese / English operating system, support for other languages according to user requirements,full screen Chinese and English annotation input
-Imaging specification:
B mode: grayscale mapping ≥ 20 files, pseudo color ≥ 6 files, noise suppression ≥ 5 files, frame correlation ≥ 4 files, edge enhancement ≥ 5 files, speckle suppression ≥ 5 files, image style adjustable, Space composite three gears adjustable, Sound power adjustable, Dynamic range adjustable, high and low scanning density adjustable, image flip up and down adjustable, maximum scanning depth ≥ 360mm
M mode: Sweep Sleep ≥5 files adjustable, afterglow ≥5 files, sampling volume adjustable, pseudo color ≥6 files, edge enhancement ≥4 files, Sound power adjustable
PW mode: SV size 0.5-30.0mm adjustable, PRF≥32 files 0.2kHz - 20KHz adjustable, Sweep Sleep ≥5 files adjustable, Correction Angle -72 ° ~ 72 ° Step 2 °, baseline position adjustable, wall filter ≥9 files adjustable, Doppler sound ≥10 files, smooth ≥4 files, sound power adjustable, frequency adjustable
Color / PDI / DPDI mode: PRF≥32 files 0.2KHz-20KHz, color map≥20 kinds, frame correlation≥4 files, smooth≥4 files, linear density in low, medium and high adjustable, frequency adjustable, sound power adjustable, frame rate adjustable, wall filter ≥ 6 files, blood flow priority ≥ 8 file, sampling packets6/8/10/12/16/20/24, speed through ≥ 8 files, B suppression ≥ 8 files
-Measurement and calculation:
B / C Mode Routine Measurements: Distance, Area, Perimeter, Ellipse, Crosshairs, Volume, Volume (Ellipse), Angle, Area Ratio, Distance Ratio, Joint Angle
M mode Routine measurements: time, slope, heart rate, distance
Doppler mode Routine measurements: heart rate, flow rate, acceleration, resistance index, pulsatility
index, automatic envelope, manual envelope, S / D, time

Obstetrics B, PW mode application measurement: including comprehensive obstetrical diameter measurement, weight, single gestational age, amniotic fluid index, etc.
Gynecological B-mode application measurement
Heart B, M, PW mode application measurement
Vascular B, PW mode applications measure and support auto-measurement of carotid intima (IMT)
Small Organs B-mode application measurement
Urinary B- mode application measurement
Abdominal B-mode application measurement


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