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C600 Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound System

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Advanced Imaging Technologies
- Speckle Reduction Technology
  Reduce speckle noise to improve image qualityPhase-inversion Harmonic Imaging Frequency
- Phase-inversion Harmonic Imaging Frequency Compound Imaging
  Ensure excellent penetration and more delicated 2D images
- Multiple Imaging Modes
  B/C/PW/PDI/M Mode, Duplex Triplex Imaging, Wide-angle Steer Scanning Imaging, Panoramic ImagingTrapezoid Imaging, Anatomic M Mode, Color M Mode, Tissue Doppler Imaging(TD)
- Spatial Compound Imaging
  Compound the images taken from multiple scanned angles to reduce artifact noise and improve image quality
- Doppler Enhancement Technology
  Effectively suppress color Doppler ashing noise to improve the resolution and sensitivity of color low
- Multi-beam Formation Technology
  Increase time resolution and frame rate
- One-key Image Optimization
  Automatically adjust imaging parameters to optimize images with one key


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