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B1 Urine Meter (Wearable Real-time Urine Volume Monitor)

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Product introduction: 
B1 Urine Meter (wearable real-time urine volume monitor) is a new generation of bladder detector. The product is small, convenient to use, and can automatically measure urine volume in real time, so that patients who lose the sense of urinary distension can be reminded to conduct catheterization in time when the urine is full to avoid damaging the bladder. Many elderly people and patients after surgery and anesthesia have demand for it.
And the record of continuous changes in urine volume can be used as a basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment in many aspects, It is widely needed in clinical departments such as urology. 
For medical staff, it is no longer necessary to manually detect the urine volume of patients frequently, which greatly reduces the workload.

Working principle:
Just attach the B1 Urine Meter to the lower abdomen and connect it to the mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth. The three multi array phased array probes at the bottom of the B1 Urine Meter will continuously scan the bladder to automatically measure urine volume and upload the data to the APP on the mobile phone/tablet. If the urine volume is detected to be full, patients and medical staff will be informed to come for catheterization in time through self vibration and APP prompts, and appropriate catheterization capacity can be determined according to the detected urine volume.

Product features:
-Easy to use: stick it in the lower abdomen and connect the mobile phone/tablet with Bluetooth, continuously and automatically measure urine volume and upload data, not need frequent manual measurement and recording
-Good real-time performance: real-time measure, automatic alarm and prompt catheterization when urine is full
-High accuracy: simultaneous measure by three multiple elements phased array ultrasonic probes 
-Small and light: as match box size, and only 70g



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