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C5Pro Color Doppler Ultrasound System

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Color Doppler Ultrasound System

Image Model
B, M, CF, PWD,  PD, PDP, THI, TDI, real-time M, CWD3D/4D Modes 
Color Doppler
1) Display Mode: speed display, energy display;
2) Color scanning rate: 18cm depth, scan range is 85 ° angle, color full-field, rate of scan frame≥10 frames/sec;
3) Color enhancements: color Doppler energy diagram, direction speed diagram;
4) Display position adjustment: interested range of linear array scanning : -20 °~ +20 °;
5) Display control: up/down, left/right flip, color contrast, zero movement;
6) Have pseudo-color function. 
Image save and management
1) Dynamic static image real-time internal hard disk storage function, standard 64G storage, optional 128G/256G
2) Have images online clipboard function: real-time scanning, only one-button operation, can store the dynamic and static ultrasound images in the clipboard which on the one side of the screen, can be took out to compare and observe.
3) The brightness, contrast, Doppler baseline sampling angle for offline playback of dynamic and static image can be adjusted, and images can be converted to avi, tif, Bmp and other common format (standard)
4) With USB interface, S-VIDEO, VGA, network transmission image interface etc. 
5) With state-of-the-art, convenient direct network, real-time image can be exchanged, storage and played back
2D and M Model
1)  Gray scale≥256;     
2)  Gain adjustment: distance from gain compensation ≥ 8 segments;
3)  2D scanning rate: full-field, 18cm depth, rate of scan frame : ≥ 30 frames/sec;
4)  Scanning depth: ≥ 30cm;     
5)  The image playback reproduce: ≥ 50 frames;
6)  Manual visualization adjustable focus ≥ 4 segments;
7)  Display: B/M, B/D, B/CD B/D/CD can be displayed on the same screen, and the size of the display range of the M-type and PWD image are adjustable;
8)  Dynamic and static images can be zoomed promise and intelligently;
9)  Original data movie playback, dynamic video> 10 minutes;

Spectrum Doppler
1) Spectrum Doppler mode: pulse Doppler PWD, optional continuous Doppler CWD;
2) Highest measuring flow rate: the highest measuring flow rate of unidirectional pulsed Doppler ≥ 6 m/s; the continuous Doppler unidirectional highest measurement flow rate ≥ 15 m/s;
3) PWD lowest measuring flow rate: ≤ 5mm/s (not noise signals);
4) Spectrum has functions which can automatically envelope measuring and calculation; 
5) PWD and CWD image can be frozen for movie playback;
6) Sample volume width and position adjustment :0.5 - 20mm graded adjustment;
7) Zero mobile: ≥ level 6;
8) Reverse Display control: with;
9) Have the function of Doppler sampling then correct angle;
10) Display Control: Reverse Display (up and down, left and right), scanning  angle three adjustable, local amplification (steeples smart zoom). 
Measurement and calculation
1) General measurement: distance, perimeter, area, slope, heart rate, pressure, residual urine, RI, PI, flow rate, etc.
2) Obstetrics and gynecology-specific measurement software: fetal gestational age, pre-production period, estimate fetal weight, multiple measurements were averaged, S/D ratio;
3) Vascular measurement, analysis calculation and reporting;  
4) Spectral Doppler analysis and calculation software;
5) Heart function, vascular measurement analysis software: ejection fraction (EF), left ventricular volume, cardiac output, the amount of (CO), pressure drop half time (PHT) MTPG, Qp / Qs, velocity integral body surface area , ICA / CCA diameter ratio, narrow percentage measuring calculation functions, etc.
6) Measurement parameters can be edited , added, deleted customize if need.


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