May 11, 2015 Our Wireless Ultrasound Probe Scanner Launch to Market

May 11, 2015

Our Wireless Ultrasound Probe Scanner now had finish batch produce, begin launch to market, welcome to order.

It is a wireless array probe scanner.
 This wireless probe scanner with integrated ultrasound circuit boards inside, can wirless connect to the PC Tablet, SmartPhone that after installed ultrasound software, then realize the functions of a ultrasound scanner. 
 It is so small and smart, convenient for carry and operation.

Application Range:
In emergency clinical, hospital ward inspection,  community clinical and outdoor inspect, an easy carried & operated
compact ultrasound such as UProbe-2 wireless probe is desired.
In  addition, the wireless probe can be conveniently used in surgery without  fixing of cables. And by using the
disposable protecting cover, it can easily solve the sterilization issue of the probe.
Also for powerful communication capability of the smart terminals, the wireless probe can meet the needs of
the telemedicine.
Through this exhibition we has established cooperation relations with much more quality customers. Moreover, this exhibition further improved our reputation and brand recognition in the industry.